Chapter Two

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The Awakening Love Eternal (re-write)

Chapter Two

Thwack, whack.

I hear what sounds like chopping wood in the distance. Having just dozed off, exhausted and relaxed, I don’t know if I care, but it does seem very strange in the back of my mind. Rolling onto my left…

Alyse knows Kevin’s secret. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

Photos from Unsplash, created on Canva

Hearing the back door open, then Kevin’s heavy boots on the hardwood floor sends my heart racing. …

Extended Shower Scene from The Awakening

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“Listen to me, Priestess. I will never let anything harm my family.” Levi reaches up, taking my wrist in his hand, pulling me into the hot water with him. …

“Large Black Coffee, for Professor Fitzgerald.”

The barista looks me over, then blushes and smiles coyly. “You’ve really got to be into this guy. You’re here every morning.” She writes his name on the cup then asks. “And for you?”

I hadn’t even thought about what I wanted for myself…

Chapter One

Chapter One

Looking over the sea of little lights, casting out the darkness of night. A heavy presence blanketing the land of Hepatizon Bellator and her people’s homes.

My mind drifts off to the insidious essence brought on by Silas’s arrival. …

Part One

Exploring sexuality at one point in time referred specifically to same-sex exploration. But boy, have things changed for the better.

I remember as a child watching the people around me sharing love with each other physically, emotionally, spiritually. Seeing my Great Grandpa booty tap my Great Grandma or…

Tears begin to well and burn in my eyes. Frozen in fear, not knowing what to do in this situation.

A low voice whispers into my ear. “Celeste, relax. It is me. You are safe here!”

Like milk and honey, its smooth warmth flows into me. …

Grab me by my ponytail, tell me I’m a naughty girl.

Pull my hair back, exposing my neck, spank my bare naked ass hard. Then play with my titties.

Tie me to the ottoman bench. Spread my legs wide, exposing my pink cunt to the world. …

The next one? What is going on here? My mind is racing with questions. Curious, I keep my eyes glued on Jade. John stands in front of her, his lips pressed together tightly. Their eyes locked on each other as silence falls on the barn.

After some time has passed…

Dearest Celeste,

There is something I want to show you in the stables. Sneak out as quietly as you can, and don’t let anyone see you. There is a back entrance to the feed room. Go there and stay silent. Everything will be ready when you get there. ~J


Ava fox

I’m a writer in desperate need of getting the Erotic fantasies out of my head and into yours. Inspirational, sex-positive, Erotica. 18+ only.

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